sweet new paintings

for the past month i have been taking lilla roger’s MATS class, and learning all sorts of wonderful magical things.  the course came at such a great time for me…i’d just quit my part-time job and had launched full-time with my design work in a (terrifying) leap of faith.  the class has given me focus and lots of new briefs to generate new work for my portfolio.  the strange part of the course has been making just total crap work (happens) but being utterly inspired about every aspect of the process.  ha!  i won’t post the total crap work i have eeked out, but the week we were painting led to some really fun work. it’s really crazy that i was a painting major who refused to take one single graphic design class, and now that’s all i do…but  i do miss the paint, so this could bring more messy nights my way!painting