Snuggle weather. Sorta.

It’s dropped below 90˚ so naturally I’m dragging out sweaters and tea, like a great freeze is upon us. The very first signs of fall make me both giddy and melancholy, and there’s an urgent need to create! all the things!  Today I went through a bunch of fabric that hasn’t seen the light of day in at least 2 years, that I’d bought at least 3 years before that, with plans to make a sweet baby blanket for a friend.  If you’re a (girl)friend of mine already, it is likely that you’re pregnant, because honestly there have never been this many preggos in my life thus far.  Which is pretty fun for me because it so happens that I just designed a line of onesies with JuDanzy!  Here are a few of the onesies and ohhh there are legwarmers too, which is basically the BEST on squishy baby fat.