shoutin’ and such

After 30 days of worrying about my Indiegogo campaign, I was relieved and a bit shocked to have my booth paid for by friends, family, and strangers from all over the world.  What an amazing feeling to see my inbox fill up with sweet and supportive messages each week.  I am deep in the midst of trade show preparation now, but will be making all the packages to send out for the perks in the next couple of weeks.  Preparing the perky packages.  Mmhmm.

This post is actually the first of the perk-giving: THE SHOUT OUTS!  I had 6 shout outs claimed, and heeeeere they go (ahem):  Thank you to Patrick Garde, and to the always sweet Michael Alexander.  Thank you to National Payday, to the lovely & talented Joanne Turner, and Mrs. J.E. Sheperd!  I also had an Anonymous contributor at the shout out level, so thank you to Mister or Miss Anon!

There are so many new things cooking right now, including a super awesome licensing deal I am so excited to share!  I can’t spill the beans quite yet but it will be all tied up with a bow by the end of April.

Thank you again to everyone and I hope you feel appropriately shouted about!




  1. Norm and Tina Cain says:

    We are so glad things are going well and we were excited to help. Good luck on the next step of your journey!

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