right or wrong

I’ve had a lot of conversations about Surtex since May.  Mostly they are of the “what-was-that-thing-you-went-to-in-New-York?” variety, and I’m sure I ramble on for days each time.  I have had a couple of emails recently asking me to detail my experience from those who are contemplating doing the show themselves.  I came across my notes that my friend Jill titled “things done right” and “things to do better” tonight, so I thought I’d write down some of my thoughts.

The year leading up to Surtex, I did a ton of research online to make most of my decisions.  Most of the “things done right” were very practical decisions– opting for the vinyl banners instead of paper, having photos of my products, and decorating the pole of my booth (I was moved to a corner booth at the last second).  Another good one was having an electrical cord in my booth (an option that of course costs more) that we used to charge the iPad and our phones.  Bringing physical portfolios as well as the iPad was a good move, too….Although the iPad was only looked through a few times.  Most people want to touch the real thing! They can always look at your images online, but seeing them printed out is a treat.

Under “things to do better”….Well most of these are ideas I have for my personal booth space for 2014.  A few that could help others include having postcard-sized business cards (I had both regular and postcard-sized and the larger ones were grabbed immediately, whereas the small ones had to be pointed out), and packing for rain!  It rained a lot during the show and we learned that this was very common (It was May, after all) and we were unprepared for it.  Also, one issue we never decided on was the table height.  There are definitely pros and cons to having a high or low table, but if you plan for the one you order you should be golden either way.  If you are curious about anything else I could answer, just comment or message me.  hope to see you there next year!  it was a blast!

A few more pics from the show:

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 2.10.27 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 2.10.41 AM