I spend a lot of time dreaming about where my designs would work.  Last week, after my third straight day of sneezing, I was pretty into my patterns being on some Kleenex boxes.  And this week, possibly because I’ve made my third list of the day, I’m stuck on notebooks.  I have a wholllle lotta notebooks, mostly from Galison and Greenroom Company…So I thought it’d be fun to make a couple of mock-ups.  These are from two new collections…










Right now I’m adding to my portfolio, which feels so great.  I am taking a little longer to create new work for some reason, but I’m digging the slight new direction I’m off in.  Trying to be patient with the process of creating an entirely new body of work, but I can’t say I’m succeeding.

My personal to-do list is overwhelming at the moment, so I’m trying to prioritize and figure out what I REALLY FOR REAL have to do and what can wait….Apparently baking is pretty high on the priority list.  Er.  Oh but you know what other things I have recently decided I need more of?  Running. And books.  Oh, haha, not at the same time, you silly fellow.  But I really never thought I would be part of a 5K or a book club, yet here I am.  Apparently this is just what people in their 30s do!  Not that I have a) actually been in the 5K yet or b) actually attended a meeting having finished the book, but ya know. Work in progress.