my anniversary

Two years ago, I was given an awesome gift from my family & husband.  Don’t laugh.  It was my MacBook.  I had taken one graphic design class and knew there was no looking back, after years of trying to paint “when I had time”.  After graduating with a degree in fine arts in 2003, I had nowhere to paint or practice printmaking…and art became even more unlikely after I started teaching and then had a baby.  But once I took that class, I knew there was hope.  I had discovered that having a tiny computer would suffice, and a new world opened up.  I stayed up every night working on patterns and emailing questions to designers I admired, and later, submitting my portfolio to various companies.  Two years after getting this computer, I am diving into a freelance career and finding myself surrounded by new opportunities.  Lately things have been rolling along so nicely that I could pinch myself.  I am so grateful to have found a way to make art, even if my idealistic 20-yr-old self would not recognize the designer I am now.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 2.11.08 PM


  1. lucybelles says:

    Hey! I still want to meet up with you at some point and pick your brain a bit. I am so glad that things are working out so well for you!! Love your designs!

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