i’m still here!

I would say I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated, buuuut I kinda believe it.  So.  I wanted to share some images and update this dusty ol site, as I’m adding new work in my (private) portfolio so why not!

For over a year, I’ve been working with a wonderful company in South Korea who partners my work with clients of theirs.  One of their clients is a fabric company who has some of my patterns, which are now frolicking around on dresses and shorts, much to my total amazement.  There are always lots of projects under wraps in this business, so I am thrilled to have lovely photos to share from one of them.  All images are from the site http://kkabinea.com:

18678124205_ec2263e42c_oMidnight Bloom 18651798156_c57226cb5a_o




I love seeing these sweet florals with sweet faces!  I hope to be better about sharing these fun projects.  It really is a treat to see the completed life from sketch to product.