Gettin ready

It’s weird because I feel like I just left New York, and now I’m spending so much time thinking about May and what all to finish before then…It’s squashing up time and it’s messing with my head!  I’m rambling about Surtex, of course.  My new love affair.  I’m exhausted just thinking about those three days of excitement, hope, frets, and lists.  This year (as I ever so slowly inch my way up the aisle) I’ll be in Booth 645.  Not a surprise corner booth at the end of the very long road of newbies (ahem), but a booth a little bit closer to the action.

So I’m making new booth sketches, creating new work, researching and calculating….I’m loving it!

And so I don’t have two posts in a row with zero images, I’ll post a little work in my new portfolio.  That’s always fun!






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