christmas wrapping paper

I’m starting to realize my intense love for all things Christmas, and I don’t really think I can stop myself.  This past weekend I went with my family on a Polar Express train excursion, complete with Santa and carolers and 28 degree weather.  I was much more excited than the 3-yr-old.  It was his first introduction to Santa…he wasn’t super impressed.  But I have been inspired this month to create more Christmas themed work, which has been really fun.

 I wanted to share some new patterns that I would love to see on wrapping paper. As weird as it may sound, I LOVE wrapping paper.  I spend an embarrassing amount of time deciding on what papers I’ll use each Christmas (last year I fell madly in love with some “Christmas Story” vintage-y paper…).  I’m definitely the only one in my family who cares at all about it, which is really great because then I’m in charge of all the wrapping!



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