buying a new wallet.

i have used the same wallet for about 4 years now, i think?  it has held up well considering it’s all fabric, and considering how much i like to play with the magnetic snaps on it.  i bought it from a little Etsy shop years ago, and now i’m on the lookout for a replacement.  i won’t go into all the reasons i decide to buy certain things handmade, but i will say that i can never find mass market types of wallets and purses in the same gorgeous fabrics and selections as the handmade ones.  and i consider myself an expert, since i’ve been drooling over my imaginary purchase for an embarrassingly long time now.  feast your eyes on these beauties!  the links will takes you to their respective shops. now to pick which one will be ALLLL MIIINNNEEE…..

1. Tree Print Wallet

2. Bird Wallet

3. Leather Clutch

4. Southwestern Print

5. Foxy Wallet



  1. Jill says:

    Hey! I recognize that bird fabric! I used it to make embroidery hoops last year and loved how the trees were framed in it – like your wallet. Have you chose one yet??

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