Ain’t too proud to beg

If you have talked with me in the past year or so, at some point I have probably mentioned my dream of going to Surtex, a huge licensing show in NYC each year.  I have read about it for over five years now, over and over, and am finally going to be participating in it myself.  There are so many exciting points to make about this show, and if you’re a pattern designer, you probably already know them.  In a nutshell, the show brings a ton of companies under one roof for designers to have a chance to show off their portfolios.  There is so much that goes into a show like this, and I am pumped to be going this year!

The one thing you will hear about Surtex is = IT IS EXPENSIVE.  The cost of going to the show with travel and lodging alone is quite a huge chunk of money.  There is also the preparation, the press kits and banners and all the other details that go into the show….And for my first show, I am asking for help with part of this.

I had a difficult time deciding what I should ask for, as I know I have a “once in a lifetime beg”, but it makes the most sense to ask for booth cost.  The booth for the show is $3,600….That’s a lot for an empty 8×10 ft rented piece of property, right?  I am asking for some help, and I’m not too proud to beg (apparently), so here is the link to my fundraiser housed over at Indiegogo.  I am so grateful to Derek Pearson for his help making and editing the video for me, and to my husband Zack for the music!

If you can help with my booth cost, there are “perks” to be sent off that you can read about on Indiegogo.  If you aren’t able to help with the cost, there is still one thing I’ll ask of you: Please help me spread the word about my campaign!  I have 30 days to raise the money!  Ready, set (oh I really want to say “Indiegogo!” But I won’t.  I won’t…)

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