a month away

This past weekend was just what I needed.  One of my dearest friends, Jill, came in from North Carolina in a whirlwind of organization and to-do listing, and I am finally feeling more prepared than not for the 3-day trade show next month.  I have no idea how all the other booths are surviving without Jill, but man I’m glad I have her!  We holed up in my favorite coffee shop all day Saturday, and then were surprised by my favorite menfolk visiting for a bit.  It was a great break from my computer screen, and I really loved seeing the little one I am missing out on while obsessing over vinyl banners and googling “how many inches is 7.5 feet” several times a day.

photo-1-2Jill & my hubby

Photo-on-4-13-13-at-1.32-PM-2Chipmunks at the coffee shop