2014! 2014!


Ohhh 2013, you were so long and meandering I didn’t even notice you slipping away.  There’s been so much that happened with my business this year, I demand a recap!

Lots of firsts! This year I:

– started the year out with my first calendar ever.

– launched a successful Indiegogo project for my first trade show!

– had a super fun photo shoot with the lovely Kristen England.

– had a booth at Surtex for the first (but not last) time.

– was featured in The Wall Street Journal about my Indiegogo project.

– created more business logos than ever, and had fun doing them!

– collaborated with companies such as Giggle & Envelopes.com, directly from attending Surtex.

– created a Christmas scrapbook line for Hazel and Ruby.

– was asked to license to an exciting company launching in 2014 (more to come about that one!)

– was asked to license designs to a company I love dearly (more soon on this too!)

– asked to join some other special projects I can’t discuss yet.  EEP!

So now we see what 2014 has in store…I love a clean slate, a fresh start, and lots of late nights to look forward to.



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