2013 Calendar sneakypeeky

Lately I have been working on my upcoming 2013 calendar (only have to send off to the printer now!)  and thinking a lot about this past year.  I don’t want to fast-forward through the next couple of months, but the ol 2012 is definitely winding down, and I am simply amazed at how much can happen in one year.  Starting a new business has led to so many rewarding and terrifying moments, and I am grateful to have the clients I have had this year.  Looking onward to 2013 and very anxious to see what it may bring! Here is a peek at my new calendar.  I absolutely love thinking about what could happen by the end of next 2013.  A brand new year just around the corner.  Imagine!

This calendar was created in collaboration with The Ink Next;  I used their lovely templates for the months and added my graphics at the top.  I have more exciting news to share about them soon!

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